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Ghana to host inaugural West Africa & Arts Festival

Ghana is set to make history as an important destination for hosting major events with the upcoming inaugural West Africa & Arts Festival in Accra.

This groundbreaking event, the first of its kind in the region, will span four days, starting at the iconic Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 – coinciding with the official Juneteenth celebration in Ghana.

The festival is not only a vibrant Industry Conference aimed at bringing industry players together and educating the masses, but also a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity of West Africa. It will provide a platform to showcase and educate on all things related to the music industry. From electrifying performances by renowned artists to interactive workshops, master classes, and captivating arts installations, attendees can anticipate an unparalleled experience.

“As co-founder of the West Africa & Arts Festival, I am thrilled to launch this groundbreaking event in Accra, Ghana. Our festival was birthed from the ideology of strengthening the connectivity of the diasporas and continuing the work of educating the masses about the and Entertainment Industries.  This festival literally celebrates the vibrant cultural tapestry of West Africa and what it means to the world.  In addition to energetic and interactive panels and master classes, we are showcasing the region’s rich musical heritage and artistic talent. Through music, arts, and community, we aim to foster unity, diversity, and creativity GLOBALLY. This festival is not just about entertainment; it’s about creating meaningful connections and inspiring positive change. We invite everyone to join us in Accra for an unforgettable celebration of music, arts, and culture that will resonate far beyond the festival grounds.” stated Jasmine Young, MBA- CO-FOUNDER, Marketing Strategist, Professor and Industry Veteran.

As Ghana takes centre stage in hosting this festival, attendees can look forward to a diverse line-up of performances encompassing various genres like Afrobeat, Highlife, Hip Hop, and more. Furthermore, engaging with & Entertainment industry professionals worldwide, participating in insightful panel discussions, and discovering emerging talent from across the continent are all part of the festival experience.

“This festival is more than just a celebration of music and arts; it’s a celebration of our shared heritage and identity as West Africans and the entire African Diaspora. It’s an opportunity to spotlight the astonishing talent and creativity within our shared culture and connect with audiences from Ghana and beyond,” stated Annabelle McKenzie, the Director of the Beyond The Return Secretariat.

The West Africa & Arts Festival is fully endorsed by The Ghana Tourism Authority and supported by Warner Records Africa – emphasizing the festival’s dedication to promoting cultural exchange, fostering collaboration, and showcasing the best of West Africa.

“We are proud to support the West Africa & Arts Festival,” said Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority. “This festival not only celebrates our vibrant music and arts scene but also promotes tourism and economic development in our region. We eagerly anticipate welcoming visitors from near and far to immerse themselves in the beauty and creativity of Ghana.”

Join us in Accra, Ghana, for a remarkable celebration of music, arts, and culture at the inaugural West Africa & Arts Festival. For more details and ticket information, visit wamafestival.com or email [email protected]

Day 1 – Welcome / Opening Celebration @ Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Day 2- Opening Plenary – Panel Discussions

Day 3-Master Classes taught by Industry Icons

Day 4-Travel and Tourism / African Association of Ghana Juneteenth Parade / Performances

Host Hotel- Labadi Beach Hotel https://labadibeachhotelgh.com/

About Ghana Tourism Authority:

The Authority was established in 2011 under Tourism Act 817. Prior to that, it existed as the Ghana Tourist Control Board under NRCD 224, 1973. The organisations mandate is to regulate the tourism industry and is responsible for standards and licensing, research & product development and the marketing and promotion of tourism both locally and internationally.

Beyond The Return: “Beyond the Return” follows the successful “Year Of Return” Ghana 2019 campaign, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. The campaign celebrates African resilience over the past 400 years and encourages people of African origin to return to Africa, especially Ghana.

Warner Records: Warner Records Inc. is an American record label and a subsidiary of the Warner Group, with an arm in Africa. Founded on March 19, 1958, as the recorded music division of the American film studio Warner Bros., it continues to champion diverse musical talent globally.

West Africa & Arts Festival in Accr

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