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Madam Agnes Agyapong, The Teacher For All


In a remote village school nestled in the serene landscapes of Hlihadzi in the Afram Plains in the Eastern Region, a beacon of dedication and resilience shines brightly in the form of Madam Yeboah Agnes Agyapong.

Despite the daunting challenges and adversities that loom over the village, Madam Agnes who left her husband in far away Tamale, in the Northern Region has emerged as a stalwart educator, embodying the spirit of unwavering commitment to her students and their education.

Three years ago, Madam Agnes was posted to teach at the village school, a duty that many of her peers shied away from due to the harsh realities of life in Hlihadzi.

The absence of basic amenities such as electricity, access to potable water, and the lack of transportation options—all compounded by the presence of scorpions and snakes that occasionally invade the classrooms—paint a stark portrait of the village’s struggles.

Undaunted by these challenges, Madam Agnes courageously embraced her role as the sole teacher in the school, tirelessly imparting knowledge and nurturing the young minds entrusted to her care across eight different classrooms.

Her resourcefulness shone through as she devised ingenious tactics to safeguard her students, using clay to seal off vulnerable entry points from unwelcome intruders.

However, Madam Agnes’s noble efforts are now met with a plea for support, as she calls upon the government and concerned authorities to extend a helping hand to the neglected rural enclave.

The dearth of essential learning and teaching materials has plunged her into a struggle, despite the students’ eagerness to learn and excel.

Madam Agnes appeals for critical assistance, ranging from the construction of much-needed classrooms to the provision of sandals or footwear for the pupils, as well as stationery, textbooks, and other essential resources pivotal for enriching the educational experience in Hlihadzi.

As Madam Yeboah Agnes Agyapong embodies the resilience and selflessness of a dedicated educator, her call for support echoes across the tranquil village, underscoring the urgent need to uplift and empower both the teacher and her eager students in their quest for knowledge and a brighter future.

By Vincent Kubi

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