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I Was Raped Twice -Mzbel On 2006 Armed Robbery Incident


Songstress Mzbel has spoken about the harrowing incident she endured during a sad robbery incident on September 12, 2006, revealing that she was raped twice by the perpetrators.

Speaking in an interview with Barima Kaakyire Agyemang, who was attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest interview, Mzbel disclosed that, “I have been raped before. I was raped by armed robbers. It was actually two people who raped me.”

Detailing the traumatic event, Mzbel explained, “The first robber raped me in my bedroom, while the other dragged me to the kitchen to do it.”

She further revealed that her son, John, was present in the house in Gbawe during the incident and witnessed the horrifying ordeal along with other ladies.

“I was sleeping in my bed and I felt somebody hit my back so hard. I woke up and I saw a face with a handkerchief wrapped around the person’s face.

They asked for money and I gave them the money. I told them where the money was and showed them a few things. The person asked me to lie down on the bed, and I did. It was at gunpoint. There were about seven to eight ladies in the house. After he was done, another person also dragged me to the kitchen; he asked me to lie down, and he also raped me”, she narrated.

“I visited the hospital after that and had a therapist who was speaking to me. They (armed robbers) were arrested, and a few years later, I heard they died or somebody died. I didn’t curse them. What they did to me was enough for them to be cursed.

In my heart, I was hurt, and I wished that something terrible would happen to them or that terrible things would happen to them,” she said after she was asked about their arrest and if she had cursed them.

Media reports at the time in October 2006 quoted Mzbel as saying she begged the robbers but refused to listen to her.

“The first guy raped me in the other room and the other guy brought me here and raped me again. He didn’t even listen to my persistent begging. I lied to him that I was pregnant and he said they had been sent to kill me so if they’ve decided to rape me instead I should just shut up. One of them said he’d cut my sides and pull out my intestines if I resisted.

That thing broke my spirit and if I hadn’t started my album I don’t think I would have the strength to even write any songs,” she said at the time.

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