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My Husband Slept With My BestFriend While I Was Battling With Cancer – Lady Recounts

A woman on the X platform has recounted how her ex-husband had an affair with her best friend while she battled cancer.

In a post shared on her handle, the lady stated that their affair carried on even while she was getting chemo. She however stated the pair broke up after a while.

”My (ex) husband had an affair with my (former) best friend while I was fighting for my life with cancer, and their affair carried on while I was getting chemo- alone.

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He left before I found out…but here’s the kicker. She and I still work together. It’s been hard the last 8 years, but I’ve managed to stay professional and cool. She has tried a few times for us to be friends again, but I drew the line. Nope. You don’t get to break my trust twice.

He’s alone.
She’s alone.
I have an AMAZING guy.
I won.”

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