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UTV’s live porrno clip – Ghanaians react to trending video of lady sucking guy’s huge banana with veins on live TV –

UTV, a prominent Ghanaian television station, has recently found itself amid controversy as its late-night program, Red Light, aired explicit content that has sparked a wave of reactions on social media.

Red Light, hosted by actress Vicky Zugah, is known for its late-night episodes that aims to entertain adult viewers during a time when they may be unwinding or seeking relaxation before bedtime.

The program, which explicitly focuses on sexual content, carries a viewer discretion advisory, restricting access to individuals under the age of 18.

During the recent episode of Red Light, guest Quatt was asked to teach men intimate techniques, specifically focusing on performing oral sex on women.

UTV trends as a lady sucks a guys black joystick with veins on live TV (Video)

In an unconventional move, a participant named Pressure View was brought on the show to serve as a demonstrative subject.

Quatt, as seen in the trending video was given a dildo to simulate male genitalia, which he strapped around his waist for educational purposes.

The explicit segment involved demonstrations of intimate acts, including oral sex, between Quatt and Pressure View, all transpiring on live television.

The explicit nature of the content broadcasted on UTV has triggered a significant backlash from viewers and the general public.

Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), have been flooded with expressions of displeasure and criticism directed at UTV for airing such explicit content during a prime-time slot.

Many Ghanaians have questioned the appropriateness of broadcasting such content on a mainstream television channel, expressing concerns about the potential impact on societal norms and values.

Stars such as Efya have all aired their disappointment in UTV.


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