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First-time mothers express mixed feelings

Genevieve is brimming with excitement, revelling in the joy of becoming a first-time mother. However, her delight at embracing motherhood is tempered by the anticipation of celebrating her daughter’s birthday only every four years.

In an interview with JoyPrime’s Lois Shoila Adeyimi, after giving birth on February 29 at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Genevieve shared, “The day I realised I was pregnant, I was so happy, even my mom. We wanted a baby and he came.”

She continued, “I didn’t want to give birth on the 29th because it’s actually a leap year, which comes every four years. God has reasons for everything, that’s what I think, because everybody is celebrating the birthday on a normal day, then you alone, you celebrate every four years, it’s weird.”

However, the same sentiment does not hold true for Abigail, who longs for the joy of motherhood. Although she was initially due to deliver on February 28, that did not happen.

The 29-year-old is eager to welcome her little one on any day except the elusive February 29.

She stated, “I would love to celebrate every year. A memorable year of the pain I went through during this childbearing and everything. I want to experience it all over again every year. And look at the fact that I have to do that every four years, I wouldn’t feel that. I need to feel it each and every year.”

As for Sharifa, she cared less about the date. The moment she held her baby, all the pain seemed insignificant. Birthdays, leap years—everything became background noise to the new mother.


What matters to her is the little one in her arms. She remarked, “I was not expecting it, but it happened and I’m happy with it.”

A midwife at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital emphasised that mothers should view giving birth on February 29 as a special day, recognising it as such and being happy about delivering on that unique day.

She added, “And for the kids, you have to accept it and also be happy that you have been delivered on that day because it happens every four years and it’s a special day.”

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