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Bompieso community mining scheme launched; over 500 direct jobs to be created

Economic and social activities in Bompieso, in the Prestea-Huni Valley Municipality of the Western Region, came to a standstill on Friday, 1st March 2024 when the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, responsible for Mines, Hon. George Mireku Duker, led a delegation to officially launch the Bompieso Community Mining Scheme. This initiative is expected to cause a remarkable positive shift in the economic fortunes of the residents.

Traditional authorities and residents of the town turned out in large numbers not only to witness but also to share in the joy of the arrival of the government’s much-touted Community Mining Scheme. It is anticipated to mark the commencement of a major transformation in the economic lives of the inhabitants of the community and others nearby.

With over 5000 jobs expected to be created directly, the Bompieso Community Mining Scheme aims to steer the community towards a path of economic success anchored on a sustainable and responsible mining module known as the Community Mining Scheme.

Addressing the gathering at the launch, Hon. Mireku Duker highlighted the critical role of the parliamentary candidate for the area, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi, in the establishment of the Community Mining Scheme. He touted Oteng Gyasi’s contributions, noting that the welfare and progress of the constituents are major concerns for her. If given the nod to represent the people in the 2024 election, she will ensure the development of the constituency.

The Deputy Minister also urged the Chiefs and residents to play their role as watchdogs in the community and assist the government in its bid to reduce illegal mining to the barest minimum. He emphasized that the government is determined to ensure that the small-scale mining sector serves as a platform for the growth of Ghanaian investors in the mining sector.

In a speech read on behalf of the Board Chair and parliamentary candidate of the area, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi, it was stated that the government of Nana Akufo-Addo has fulfilled most of its promises to Ghanaians, especially the people of Prestea Huni Valley.

“The Community Mining Scheme is a good project, and we are expecting to have at least 10 in this constituency. We already have some of the CMS concessions operating, and we will soon launch the others. This project will bring employment and help boost economic activities in the country,” he said.

The Western Regional Minister, Hon. Kwabena Okyere Darko, said, “the government is not against small-scale mining. We want to raise Ghanaian giants in the mining industry and ensure that we all benefit from it. The Western Region has benefited from the CMS, and we all must be happy”.

The Chief of the area who chaired the occasion, Bompiesohene, added, “we are grateful to God and the government for setting up a CMS concession here. We’ve been looking forward to this day, so we are happy to be benefiting from the policy of the government. We promise to follow the guidelines and also ensure that it becomes our legacy and helps develop the community,” he said.

Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources

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