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Ghana is facing an ethical crisis

Rev Akua Ofori-Boateng, the Director of Programmes for the Anglican Diocese of Accra, has stated that Ghana is currently facing ‘a crisis of ethics.’

According to her, people tend to do the right thing only when it benefits them.

Rev Ofori-Boateng was speaking on the ethics of the country in an interview with Bernard Avle on Citi TV‘s Point of View on Wednesday.

She suggested that the ethical state of the country reflects the ethical state of each Ghanaian.

Furthermore, Rev Ofori-Boateng emphasised that given the current state of ethics in the country, Ghanaians could be described as ‘almost Christians.’

“I would say that the state of ethics today is the sum total of the state of ethics of each of us as individual Ghanaians. [If I am] allowed to borrow from John Wesley and see how that develops, things can be described as almost Christian.”

“I say we are almost Christian, because many of us are ethical by the standards of the Bible, if and only if it serves us well. But the moment being ethical doesn’t serve us well we become less and less ethical, until eventually we become downright corrupt… I would dare say that as a nation, we have a crisis of ethics,” she stated.

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