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Stonebwoy Is Too “Dirty” To Be A Role Model To The Youth- Kelvin Taylor

Controversial media personality, Kelvin Taylor has said that if anyone could be a role model to the youth of Ghana, it should not be Bhim Nation’s president, Stonebwoy.

Speaking during a recent episode of his show, Kelvin Taylor fired some shots at his rival, Stonebwoy.

Kelvin Taylor claims the dancehall musician has a lot of people following him, however, does his things as though, he is not mentally sound, claiming that he has cheapened himself to be used by the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Kelvin Taylor has said that Stonebwoy’s disability will never prevent him from attacking him if he goes astray.

“NPP has come so low to the point that they used people’s disability to do a campaign. And that is very painful, and that is the terrible part of this whole thing. The NPP is using people’s disability to do a campaign and in our history, we are not supposed to do that”, the controversial media personality.

Talking about Stonebwoy, Kelvin Taylor claims he is a “mad dog” and seizes to be a celebrity and a role model to the youth of Ghana.

According to him, it is very bad for a person like Stonebwoy to pull a gun at his colleague in public.

“If someone is disabled and he is not a good person and he is foolish you have the right to criticize the person. If a disabled person pulls a gun in public and tries to shoot another Ghanaian that disabled person is not supposed to be given any international platform. That person is a crazy mad dog. And nobody is supposed to make that person a celebrity or a mentor”, he said.

Kelvin Taylor concluded “Such people belong to the ditch because they do not have the sense to understand that pulling a gun on stage or any platform whilst you have people looking up to you, you do not deserve to be called this or that. So with me, when it comes to people with disability I don’t mince words. I will let people know that you can kill and people are not supposed to give you the room because you can kill”.

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