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Woman Finds Husband in Unnatural Act with their Dog in Kisii

Police in Mosocho, Kisii County, arrested a 60-year-old man who was allegedly found engaging in an indecent act with a dog.

The Star reports that the man’s wife brought the case to the attention of the Mosocho police officers after catching him in the act on Sunday night.

According to her report, she was inside the house when she heard their dog, named Poster, howling more than usual at around 1:00 am.

The wife stated that upon going outside to investigate the source of the noise, she was shocked to find her husband involved in what the police have characterized as an ‘unnatural offense’ with their female dog.

The woman informed the neighbors and the rest of the family, who arrived to witness the incident before the police were called to the scene.

The man is expected to face charges of bestiality.

Additionally, the police mentioned that Poster, the dog involved, was taken to a veterinary officer for treatment as investigations into the case continue.

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