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‘‘Presidential System Not Suitable, Present Leadership Is A Failure’ — Northern Elders Back Parliamentary Rule

Ango Abdullahi, Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), has expressed support for the plan to introduce the parliamentary system of government to the country.

Recall that the introduced bill, sponsored by 60 lawmakers, passed the first reading at the House of Representatives last week.

Nigeria currently practices a presidential system of government.

In a presidential system, which Nigeria practices, the citizens directly elect the President, meanwhile, in a parliamentary system, the legislature appoints a prime minister, with less defined separation of powers.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Friday, Abdullahi said as a Nigerian who witnessed the first republic legislature, the parliamentary system of government worked for the country.

Averring that the presidential system has failed to “move Nigeria forward” over the past 24 years, he said, “If you are talking of failure of the system, it’s totally unfair to say that the parliamentary system failed in Nigeria. It did not. Only that it has not been given sufficient time.”

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“So, my personal position is that I’m 100 percent against the presidential system of government. It’s an unsuitable system not only for Nigeria but any country that is in this reckless, greedy Western world.

“The democracy the western world is trying to force down the throat of every nation in the world is to serve their interest. And check honestly, academically, materially and so on, see what happened since 1960 till date.

“I’m a product of the first republic and I cherished being that product. As a teacher who marks exams from A1 to failure, I’ll mark the pioneer leaders as A1 but the present leadership is F10.

“So when the military came and insisted that we should abandon what was kicked out in 1966, I think was the first major mistake this country ran into up till now.

“The presidential system is not a suitable system. This is my personal opinion,” he detailed.

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