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Friday, April 12, 2024

“Why Feed Us? Why Can’t You Employ Us?”

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has confronted Lagos Governor Sanwo Olu about the dire economic conditions.

On her Instagram page, she questioned the governor’s decision to feed Lagosians rather than employ them.

She pointed out that the governor can hire individuals at minimal salary to dig sewage pits, install underground pipes, and sweep streets.

Noting how taxpayers have been reduced to beggars, she questioned further why he would prefer to feed residents.

The mother of one further pleaded that someone in the presidency should show mercy and pity on citizens.

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She wrote,

“Sanwo Olu, why feed us? Why can’t you just employ us? Get people out to stray digging sewages, laying pipes underground, sweeping the streets, and paying them as little minimum wage, since the industrial sector is almost dead. Why would you even prefer to feed your citizens “Mama Put”? Taxpayers have been reduced to beggars. When will someone just have mercy on us? When will someone just feel pity for this great country?”.

“Someone in the presidency should please just be sorry for us, please 🙏🏽, we are not even doing shakara at this point. We all know that at this point NOBODY is happy with this situation”.


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