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Former Sunyani Technical University SRC prez ‘exposes’ sex hungry lecturer –

A former Student Representative Council (SRC) president of Sunyani Technical University (STU) has come forward with disturbing allegations against an unnamed lecturer, accusing him of sexually abusing and harassing female students.

The former SRC president, now a doctor in the British army, revealed these shocking revelations in a viral video on social media.

While refraining from disclosing the lecturer’s identity, the former SRC president provided hints about his department and history within the institution.

The accusations include claims that the lecturer preyed on vulnerable female students, coercing them into sexual relationships. Additionally, he alleged that the lecturer sent explicit content, made uninvited nighttime visits to female students’ hostels, and exhibited violent and abusive behaviour towards male students, especially during exams.

According to the former SRC president, the lecturer boasted about possessing charms and amulets, which he allegedly used to intimidate and manipulate both students and staff. He highlighted an incident involving an alleged rape during a school excursion, asserting that the lecturer’s purported use of charms contributed to a lack of accountability in that case.

Despite the serious nature of the allegations, the former SRC president challenged the lecturer to refute the claims, promising to provide video, picture, and voice evidence to substantiate his accusations.

He further dared any other lecturer or institution in Ghana to dispute the allegations, emphasizing his readiness to expose more misconduct.

Expressing concern for the affected students, the former SRC president called on authorities, including the board of governors, the vice chancellor, the Ministry of Education, and the police, to investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate action against the accused lecturer.

Acknowledging the negative publicity generated, the former SRC president apologized to his alma mater, commending the current vice chancellor, Professor Ing. Kwadwo Adinkrah-Appiah, for transforming the school and restoring its image.

He concluded by speaking on behalf of the victims, urging authorities to address the trauma and injustice experienced by those affected by the lecturer’s alleged misconduct.


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