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Family of Dr Grace Boadu Allegedly Beats Up Vloggers, Takes Their Phones, and Damage Their Cars

A report flying across social media platforms is that the family of late Dr. Grace Boadu of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic has allegedly beaten up Kumasi-based vloggers.

According to the report, the vloggers identified as Papa Jay, Grade Wan, YA Media among others went to the family house of Dr. Grace Boadu upon hearing that they had scheduled that day to make plans ahead of the final funeral rites of the late popular herbalist.

The vloggers claim the sole aim of their visit was to take coverages of what goes on there and let their viewers and Ghanaians at large know what is going on, however, things did not go on well as they had planned.

They revealed that after they had gone inside to exchange pleasantaries with the family of the deceased, they were attacked by some men from the family.

According to them, the men beat them mercilessly, took their phones and damanged the car that they went to the place with.

In a viral video, the car the vloggers went with is seen with almost all its glasses broken.

“So we realized that nothing was going on in the house so we decided to go. All we saw was people from the family house coming towards us. So Papa Jay who granted the first interview was given a slap. When they were approaching us Papa Jay told them that we came in peace. We have heard about certain things and we are here to find out how far with the funeral then they slapped him”, one of them said.

“They have beaten me rough. About 7 people were on only me beating me. Two phones of mine they have taken both from me. When they were beating me my phones fell and they picked them”, he added.

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