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Thursday, February 29, 2024

has no language barrier — Joseph Matthew counters Nathaniel Bassey’s claims

Award-winning UK-based Ghanaian afro-gospel musician Joseph Matthew also known as JM has challenged the notion that Ghanaian gospel artists need to sing in English to achieve global recognition.

This comes in response to recent comments by Nigerian gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, who’d prophesied that Ghanaian gospel music would reach international audiences but only if artists incorporated more English into their compositions.

“As a way of instruction, can I plead with Ghanaian music ministers to write songs in English? Yes, I know you love your local dialect, Twi, but there is an anointing on you and the world needs to hear your songs,” Bassey had declared.

“In the next 4 to 5 years, Psalmist from Ghana will come to Nigeria and host their concert, that your songs will rise from Ghana to the nations of the earth,” He added.

Bassey’s statement sparked controversy, with some supporting his view and others questioning its validity.

JM falls firmly into the latter category, asserting in a video he shared on his social media platforms that language shouldn’t be a barrier to spreading God’s message through music.

He argues that the power of music transcends linguistic limitations and can resonate with people of all backgrounds.

While JM acknowledges the potential for Ghanaian gospel music to reach a wider audience, he believes it should happen organically, driven by the music’s inherent power and not by linguistic manipulation.

The ‘Promise Land ‘ crooner emphasised that success on the global stage requires more than just changing languages. Building the right network and utilizing effective promotion strategies are equally important factors.

“Any Ghanaian supporting Nathaniel Bassey’s comments is ignorant. To go global you need the right plugs,” JM stated strongly.

Watch the full video below


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