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Grand finale of Orijin Untamed set for December 15 in Jamestown

Orijin Untamed, the nationwide talent search celebrating arts and music, is gearing up for its finale scheduled for Old Kingsway Building in Jamestown on 15th of December 2023.

The grand finale, which will reveal the transformative journey of the eight zonal finalists, promises an unforgettable showcase of creative brilliance.

The talented zonal finalists are set to showcase their creativity in a riveting competition, each vying for the coveted prize of GHS 80,000.00.

Who wins the first edition of Orijin Untamed Competition? Hailing from the Northern zone are Klasic Again and Mat De Poet, the Middle zone boasts of the talents of Jay Wilder and Kay Magma, while the Greater Accra zone showcases Blakk Berry, IKNA, Sumoney and MessiJay. These gifted individuals have triumphed in their respective zones, earning the right to compete for the coveted prize.

The grand finale will unfold in three rounds, each designed to test the limits of the finalists’ creativity. As they navigate through these rounds, the artists will be challenged to push the boundaries of their craft and express their unique artistic perspectives. The stakes are high, and the Old Kingsway Building will bear witness to the crowning of the winner of Orijin Untamed.

The Orijin Untamed competition harmonizes with Orijin Ghana’s recent campaign, ‘Celebrating Orijinality.’ This campaign pays tribute to the celebration of authenticity and self-expression, and the introduction of Orijin Untamed seamlessly aligns with this vision. The Orijin Untamed platform aims to empower young talents to follow their passions while nurturing their creative abilities.

Since its introduction in Ghana, Orijin has been redefining the flavour landscape for consumers, expertly blending African herbs and fruits to craft a distinct bittersweet taste profile. This exceptional taste is beloved by bold consumers in search of a unique and rooted taste experience, all while staying true to their cultural heritage.

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