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I’m the change Ghanaians are clamoring for – Alan Kyerematen –

Leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen has indicated that the majority of Ghanaian people are clamoring for change.

He says he reached this conclusion after he combed through the country and decided to form the Movement for Change.

Alan Kyerematen was speaking on Accra-based Pan African Television when he made this known.

“The Movement for Change was launched on four pillars. There is no doubt that the majority of Ghanaians are clamoring for change. I’m not sure that there needs to be a public debate on that, they are looking for change and if you talk to the ordinary Ghanaians there are four reasons why they are looking for change. First, they want to go beyond the NDC and the NPP. The two dominant parties have controlled power in our country for the past 32 years. Now people are asking the question that if over 32 years we still have not been able to fix our roads, we have very significant problems with our energy sector, there are many household that have not seen or have water running through their pipes for the last five decades.

All over the country when it rains the nature of the floods are unbelievable. They are wondering why every part of the country you go to people are complaining about their roads. People are asking questions why we have had to go to the IMF 17 times. So obviously there is something that needs to change and majoity of Ghanaians feel that it is time for us if not for anything at all to see what else some other people can do. That’s number one, going beyond the duopoly,” he said.

He indicated that in Ghana currently between the “NPP and NDC everything is politicized, every single issue is politicized. Whether it is good or bad one has to oppose it. This divisiveness in our politics cannot be sustained and so that needs to be changed. There is also this issue of winner takes all. You get into office and NDC and everything has to go to NDC supporters. NPP comes into power the reverse occured. If you’re in opposition you are just waiting to come to power so your people also enjoy”.


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