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Mary-Lucy Hospital leads celebration in Awoshie

As part of commitment to raising awareness for World AIDS Day 2023, Mary-Lucy Hospital took strides towards community well-being through a purposeful health walk.

This initiative sought to highlight the crucial role of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the community.

Regular physical activity and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, including people with HIV.

People living with HIV can do the same types of physical activity and exercise as individuals who do not have HIV.

By engaging the community in this energetic event, they seek to foster awareness of the importance of regular exercise in promoting overall well-being and contributing to a healthier, more informed society.

This year’s celebration commenced with a health walk from Odorgonnor Senior High School to Fanmilk Junction, setting an energetic tone for the day. Subsequently, participants convened at the forecourt of Royal Medical Diagnostics Centre for an invigorating aerobic session led by Physical Training Instructors.

Among other stakeholders who were present at the event were Dr. Davies Kofie Adedze; Director & Consultant and Christian Osafo Boateng, Chief Administrator of Mary-Lucy Hospital as well as Dr. Esther Odame; Ga Central Municipal Health Director and Abena Oppong Aboagye from the HIV Health Directorate of the Ga Central Municipal Assembly.

Mrs. Aboagye shared valuable insights on HIV prevention and care, emphasising the importance of regular screenings.

This informative session extended to eye and dental health education, laying the groundwork for proactive healthcare.

As a healthcare facility, the event culminated in free screenings for HIV, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Blood Sugar, Malaria, Eye, and Dental health.

The collective effort underscored a commitment to comprehensive wellness and proactive healthcare within the community.

This effort aims at making quality health care accessible and affordable for all using innovative methods and professional excellence.

It is worth knowing that Mary-Lucy Hospital also specializes in a spectrum of cutting-edge healthcare services, including advanced Stem Cell and Cellular Treatment, Comprehensive Gynecology/Obstetrics services, and a state-of-the-art Fertility Centre.

Their commitment to patient’s well-being is evident through pioneering specialized services all available 24 hours every day.

Rosetta Ntriwaah Boakye, an advocate for women and child health, who also honored the event educated the public on the need for pregnant women to avail themselves to be tested for HIV during antenatal care.

Also, she emphasised the importance of the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission (EMTCT) and the need for pregnant women infected with HIV to heed their medications.

She further advised the public to avoid investing all their hopes in spirituality and religion in the care of HIV/AIDS but seek medical attention most importantly.

Miss Boakye commended Mary-Lucy Hospital for such a brilliant move and hope that this year’s theme which was slated as “Let the community lead” will be a guide for others.


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