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Friday, February 23, 2024

NYS Announces Employment Opportunities for Graduates in the United Kingdom

The National Youth Service is inviting graduates with skills in agriculture to apply for seasonal worker positions in the United Kingdom.

Successful NYS graduates will contribute their labor to meet the workforce needs of farmers in the UK. They will be working within the horticulture sector in the UK.

“We write to inform our esteemed Alumni of opportunities that exist  in the UK, particularly to graduates with Agriculture qualifications.

“The successful recruits will reside and work in the fruit and vegetable sector for a period of Six (6) months tentatively from February 2024,” the NYS Employment Liaison office said.

The initiative, named “The Seasonal Worker Scheme (SWS),” was introduced to the National Youth Service by the Kenyan High Commissioner to the UK.

HOPs Labour Solutions, an authorized operator in the UK, has been enlisted by the National Youth Service to oversee the recruitment process.

To be eligible, applicants must be National Youth Service graduates with agriculture-related courses, willing to live and work in the UK for six months and commit to returning at the conclusion of the contract.

Prospective applicants must also demonstrate the capability to cover the following expenses: a passport processing fee, estimated at approximately Sh6,550; a return ticket (direct) costing Sh192,500; a Visa application fee of Sh45,325; and a sustainability amount of Sh30,000 to support living costs until the receipt of the first salary. (Please note that the provided costs are estimates.)

Additionally, candidates must exhibit high motivation and a keen interest in practical farming, possess good medical and physical fitness, and be available for briefing and interviews at NYS Yatta Field Unit on December 7, 2023.

“Applications should be done by filling in your details on the Google form before Friday, December 1, 2023.”

Applicants who meet the aforementioned qualifications are requested to complete the form available at this link and submit their details: https://forms.gle/VDPd7b43ur5oV1SQA.

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