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Diana Asamoah says she was once a teacher as she taught English, Twi, Geography and History

Diana Asamoah made a shocking revelation during an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

According to the gospel musician, she was once a teacher and taught English, Twi, Geography and history. She further revealed that her father influenced her decision to become a teacher after she completed elementary school.

According to her, after she completed school, her dad wanted her to learn how to sew but she decided to sell items to gather money for her sewing materials, which her dad didn’t agree to. Surprisingly, she said none of her students failed their examinations.

“When I completed school my father wanted me to learn how to sew clothes in Kumasi but he had not bought the sewing machine and other things I needed at that time so I thought of selling beans, soap and other items. However, he did not like the idea of me moving around people’s houses to sell. He feared that I could be raped.”

Diana Asamoah confidently claims that her exceptional performance played a pivotal role in securing her position at the school where she taught. Despite not being fluent in English, she fearlessly took on the responsibility of teaching the official language, along with Geography, Twi, and various other subjects.

What makes Diana’s story even more intriguing is the fact that none of the students she instructed under her tutelage experienced failure in their exams. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about her teaching methods, her ability to connect with her students, and her unwavering commitment to their success.

Diana’s success in teaching English, despite not being fluent in the language herself, is a testament to her resourcefulness and determination.

She must have employed innovative techniques, such as incorporating visual aids, interactive activities, and practical examples, to bridge the language barrier and effectively communicate with her students.

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