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Berla Mundi replies fan who asked her to get married

Berla Mundi has found herself engaging in a candid conversation with one of her fans on Instagram.

The exchange occurred after Berla had posted a thought-provoking question for her followers to ponder. Little did she know that this innocent query would lead to an inquiry about her own marital status.

As her loyal fans flocked to her post, eager to share their opinions on the appropriate age to leave the comfort of their parents’ house, one curious follower seized the opportunity to delve into Berla’s personal life. With genuine curiosity, the fan asked when the beloved TV personality planned on tying the knot.

Rather than evading the question or brushing it off, Berla Mundi fearlessly embraced the opportunity to address her fan’s inquiry. With grace and poise, she responded in a manner that resonated with her followers and showcased her authenticity.

Berla’s response not only demonstrated her willingness to engage with her fans on a personal level but also highlighted her ability to handle sensitive topics with tact and grace.

By openly discussing her marital status, she shattered the notion that public figures must keep their personal lives hidden from the public eye.

The drama started when the person asked “At what age do you get married and have children and stop focusing on your career?”

Berla didn’t waste any time in responding to this, and she did so with directness and replied, “At the age when you learn to mind your business.” Her response was met with praises from fans in the comments section.

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