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Popular TikToker Ogidi Black who’s notoriously known for insulting people dies from alleged duabo –

While reports of his mysterious demise are yet to be officially confirmed, social media trends are buzzing with rumours surrounding the circumstances of his death.

According to unverified reports circulating on various social media platforms, Ogidi Black is said to have met his unfortunate end after allegedly being cursed for his controversial and scathing attacks on innocent individuals.

The rumours suggest that the TikTok sensation faced repercussions for his deliberate insults, and the curses from his attackers is believed to have played a role in his demise.

Popular TikToker Ogidi Black who's notoriously known for insulting people dies from alleged duabo

Rumours on TikTok allege that Ogidi Black’s aggressive and offensive content may have led to his supposed curse.

The unconfirmed reports claim that he initially attributed his health decline to kidney failure, only to realize later that his life was in imminent danger.

The Ghanaian social media personality, who gained popularity for entertaining and often controversial content, reportedly found himself at the centre of a brewing storm of supernatural speculation.

While the exact details surrounding the alleged curse remain unclear, the online community is abuzz with theories and discussions about the potential consequences of his actions.

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