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Pappy Kojo reveals why Yvonne Nelson did not put him in her book

After all the controversy that came with Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” Pappy Kojo’s recent interview seems to be igniting that fire again.

In a recent interview with TV3, the rapper gave reasons as to why he was not mentioned in the book and why he is no longer cool with the actress.

Pappy Kojo was promoting his new album and the question as to why he was not mentioned in Yvonne Nelson’s memoir came up.

The rapper disclosed that the actress disappointed her and the pain from the disappointment ruined their relationship. According to the rapper, he had nothing explicit to do with the actress, thus the reason he was not mentioned in the book.

His exact words were, “I didn’t do anything; it’s not true, whatever you’re hearing. If it were true, it would be in her book. She disappointed me so I thought I should pay her back. I can be really petty when I am disappointed. The dance challenge is not me being petty; the real pettiness is yet to come.”

The host of the show, CookieTee, questioned him on his loyalty in relation to the rapper creating a dance challenge after the actress was trolled by Sarkodie in a song. This was his response: “I’m not loyal one bit. I’m not loyal one bit.

If you tell me your secret, I will leak it, and I am very proud of that. But I am nice to nice people; I am not like that with everyone. I’m just a karma guy. If you give me a biscuit, I’ll give you a biscuit, but if you give me hot peppers, I’ll give you hot peppers with ginger.”

How did Pappy Kojo’s beef with Yvonne Nelson start?

Pappy kojo

It remains a mystery how the conflict between the two former besties originated. They were once very close, and their closeness even led to rumours of a romantic relationship.

The reason for their falling out is unknown, but it became apparent when Pappy Kojo sided with Sarkodie after he dissed Yvonne Nelson in his infamous ‘Try Me’ song, as documented in the memoir.

In this fresh interview, Pappy Kojo addressed the dating rumours between himself and Yvonne and made it clear that they were never in a relationship.

He also pointed out that if there had been any kind of relationship between them, it would have been mentioned in Yvonne’s autobiography. When asked about the cause of their disagreement, he chose not to provide any details and said,

“Yvonne Nelson disappointed me, so I have been petty when it comes to her. Nonetheless, the dance challenge I started on Sarkodie’s Try Me was only because I loved the song.”

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