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Nigerian lynched for allegedly stabbing two Ghanaians

A Nigerian man named Ukechukwu was lynched by an angry mob in Gomoa Akoti, Central Region, after he allegedly stabbed two Ghanaians, causing severe injuries.

Concerned residents rushed the victims to the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital.

Eyewitnesses claim that Ukechukwu was suspected of being a ritualist, and the confrontation with the two Ghanaians led to the violent incident.

The incident, which unfolded in Gomoa Akoti, drew massive attention.

Eyewitnesses say that the victims accused the Nigerian of being a ritualist, prompting some residents to intervene and rush the injured individuals to the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital.

In retaliation, enraged residents lynched Ukechukwu for his alleged role in the stabbing.

“We heard of the attack on two Ghanaians, including a woman. When we got to the house, we asked the people about the incident, and they pointed out the Nigerian. I quickly rushed into his room, but it was difficult to arrest him since he was wielding a knife. We managed to dispossess him, and he was attacked by the angry mob,” recounted Kwame Appiah, a resident.

Residents emphasized the importance of conducting background checks before providing accommodation to individuals from other countries, aiming to prevent similar occurrences.

“This incident has taught me to double-check before giving my house or room to foreigners,” said George Agyei, a resident.

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