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New video of Mcbrown cuddling and getting cosy with her hubby in public warms hearts –

In a delightful turn of events, award-winning actress, TV show host, and philanthropist Nana Ama McBrown has put to rest the lingering rumors about the state of her marriage through a heartwarming photoshoot with her husband, Mr. Maxwell.

Several months ago, social media was ablaze with speculations that Nana Ama McBrown had walked out of her marriage.

It was alleged that a popular IG and Snapchat personality named Serwaa Prinkles had allegedly snatched Mr. Maxwell from the actress.

The gossip even suggested that Serwaa had moved in with Maxwell after McBrown’s reported exit from her matrimonial home.

However, McBrown, known for her vibrant personality and resilience, addressed the rumors during an interview with Andy Dosty on HITZ FM a few weeks after the reports went viral.

She vehemently dismissed the speculations, offering reassurance about the strength of her marriage.

In a recent development, a new heartening video has surfaced on the internet, showcasing Nana Ama McBrown and her husband, Mr. Maxwell, in a blissful and affectionate photoshoot session.

The couple appeared glamorous and elegant, radiating joy as they cuddled and shared intimate moments.

Throughout the photoshoot session, McBrown’s infectious smile and Maxwell’s sharp and neat appearance were evident, dispelling any doubts about the alleged marital discord.

The video captured the couple in a happy and loving embrace, signalling a united front against the swirling rumours.

The newfound visual evidence serves as a testament to the enduring love between Nana Ama McBrown and her husband, debunking the earlier rumours that had circulated on social media. T

Fans and well-wishers have since stormed the comments section of the video to celebrate this display of love and unity between Mcbrown and her hubby.


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