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Legal Victory: Black Sherif Triumphs in Court Battle Against Cruise People Ltd

In a recent legal triumph, Ghanaian musician Black Sherif emerged victorious in a case brought against him by Cruise People Ltd. The Accra High Court dismissed the lawsuit, which accused the artist of breaching a performance contract and resulting in the cancellation of the ‘Afro Cruise Jam’ concert scheduled in Athens, Greece, in August 2023.

Cruise People Ltd claimed financial losses due to the cancellation and sought compensation from Black Sherif. However, the artist’s legal team contested the court’s jurisdiction, asserting that the performance contract stipulated legal proceedings should occur in the United Kingdom.

Despite Cruise People’s argument that the court had jurisdiction as both parties were Ghanaians operating in Ghana, Judge Mariama Sammo ruled in favor of Black Sherif’s lawyers. The judge emphasized that none of the addresses provided by the party engaging the artist were situated in Ghana, leading to the dismissal of the case against the acclaimed music star.


The legal dispute originated when Cruise People Limited took legal action against Black Sherif, alleging he failed to fulfill his contractual obligations, resulting in the cancellation of the Afro Cruise Jam concert. The company claimed to have paid half of Black Sherif’s booking fee, amounting to $20,000, and expected him to record a confirmation video for the event.

Black Sherif’s alleged failure to fulfill this aspect led to the cancellation of the booking and a significant financial loss of $18,000 from reserved cabins on the cruise ship. Cruise People Limited sought reimbursement of the $20,000 booking fee, compensation of $18,000 for lost cabin bookings, interest on the $20,000, and $50,000 in lost profits due to the alleged breach of contract.

With the court’s recent decision in Black Sherif’s favor, the artist can now put the legal battle behind him and continue to focus on his acclaimed music career.

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