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I’m Unfazed By Criticism- Efya To Critics

Songstress, Efya Nokturnal, has said she is immuned to external pressures for international recognition, emphasizing her conviction that her success on the global stage is a matter of timing.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s New Day, Efya, who boasts an impressive tally of 45 awards, expressed her belief that achieving international acclaim is a journey that will unfold naturally.

She dismissed the notion of rushing into projects solely to expedite the process, stating, “There’s no pressure for me; it’s just a process. I believe I will get there; it’s just the timing.

Everybody’s timing is different, so I don’t have to rush myself to go and do something just to add something up. I do not rush it; everything I do is already intended and planned. I am not rushing to do things.”

When questioned about her apparent absence from the international awards scene despite her lengthy tenure in the music industry, Efya remained nonchalant.

She emphasized that her focus is on her fulfillment, stating, “I have won about 45 awards in my career; I am not thinking about what they are thinking… It’s for me first.”

Efya also advocated for an end to what she termed “unnecessary comparisons” between artists, highlighting the financial challenges faced by the Ghanaian music industry in comparison to other regions, particularly noting the funding disparities with artists in Nigeria.

“We come from a place where the industry is not as big as in other places. So please stop comparing. We don’t have the financial assistance as most of these artists do to be signed to international labels to be able to get access to some of the things that these people are getting access to,” she asserted.

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