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Dr Jane Mensah delivers insights in ‘Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader’

In her latest offering, “Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader” (second edition), Dr. Jane R. Mensah delves into the realm of spiritual leadership, providing readers with a profound guide on what it means to be a unique leader in service to God.

The book, which comprises 184 chapters, is a testament to Mensah’s extensive experience as the Director and founder of Eternal Word Evangelistic Ministries Int. (ETWORD) since August 1991.

The narrative begins by emphasizing the challenges faced by spiritual leaders in their mission to win souls for the kingdom of God.

Dr Mensah uses simple yet well-researched language to convey her message, drawing on biblical examples such as David, whose passion and intimacy with God made him a unique leader despite his imperfections.

The book is structured into various lessons, with the initial focus on God’s plan for humanity and the different types of leadership. Subsequent lessons highlight faithfulness in leadership, essential qualities for spiritual leaders, and the challenges they often encounter.

Dr Mensah skillfully weaves in the leadership secret of the Apostle Paul, offering insights into how he distinguished himself as an excellent leader.

Throughout the book, spiritual leaders are presented with valuable lessons, including how to navigate leadership adversaries, understand Satan’s agenda, handle relationships, and commit to achieving their dreams. Mensah urges leaders to prioritize giving glory to God over selfish ambitions, emphasizing the unique power of the Holy Spirit to instill virtues such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

A noteworthy aspect of the book is the author’s illustration of the behavioral expectations for Christians, especially leaders, drawing inspiration from the modesty and gentleness exhibited by Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry.

Mensah advocates for spiritual leaders to seek God’s guidance and the direction of the Holy Spirit for effective functioning with God-given gifts. She underscores the importance of humility, sincere repentance, and staying aligned with God’s plan, using examples from the life of David.

One distinctive feature of the book is Mensah’s meticulous comparison of natural and spiritual leadership qualities. She highlights the contrast between leaders who rely on self-confidence and those who humbly depend on God and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.

The author concludes the book with a powerful admonition for spiritual leaders not to give up on their goals. She encourages self-evaluation, discipline, and focus. Furthermore, Mensah stresses the need for continuous improvement, urging leaders to acquire additional skills beyond preaching to effectively convey the gospel to diverse audiences worldwide.

In his review, Ebenezer K. Amponsah applauds Dr. Jane R. Mensah for her insightful exploration of spiritual leadership and mentorship, drawing parallels with Jesus Christ and his disciples. Amponsah recommends “Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader” as a must-read for spiritual leaders.

For those interested in acquiring the book, “Spiritual Leadership for the Unique Leader” is available on Amazon, EPP bookshops, Legon bookshop, and all leading bookstores in Ghana.

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