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Wendy Shay Alleges Foul Play In Her Accident

Wendy Shay


Songstress Wendy Shay is suspecting foul play in her recent accident.
The musician claims that some individuals had nefarious intentions and sought to harm her, attempting to blame her manager Bullet for the accident.
In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, Wendy Shay recounted the harrowing experience, stating, “I was heading home; I had finished creating some content for my new song, ‘Every Man Cheats.’ I had gotten to my junction, and all of a sudden, I felt a big push from behind. I remember all I was screaming was Jesus, and then I entered into a gutter. I didn’t even realize when my head hit the dashboard, and I realized I was blacking out, so they had to rush me to the hospital.”
The singer detailed the injuries she sustained during the accident, including a nasal bone fracture and facial inflammation.
However, she assured fans that she was recovering well after undergoing medical checks.
Wendy Shay also noted that her Personal Assistant, who was in the car with her during the accident, had emerged from the incident unscathed.
Reflecting on the traumatic event, Wendy Shay expressed gratitude for her survival, attributing it to divine intervention. “It was a very big shock; no one saw this coming. For me to be here, it’s by God’s grace,” she said.
However, Wendy Shay made a startling claim during the interview, suggesting that the accident was not a mere accident but rather a spiritual attack. She hinted that she knew who might be responsible for the attack and insinuated that they were attempting to pin the blame on her manager, Bullet.
“Those who wanted to kill me, they know themselves, and they’re trying to put it on Bullet. It wasn’t Bullet. It wasn’t a normal attack. What I can say is that they know themselves, but I am not going to mention their names. But they can never kill me,” Wendy Shay asserted.
To support her assertion, Wendy Shay questioned the unusual circumstances surrounding the accident. She pointed out the peculiarity of the accident, with a tipper truck loaded with rocks allegedly hitting her car, causing the truck to somersault while her vehicle remained relatively intact.

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