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MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation’s flourishing arts scene

The art world is about to witness a groundbreaking moment as MANJU Journal unveils its debut publication, an exceptional art book that pays homage to the brilliance of Ghanaian visual artists and the vibrant artistic community within the country.

MANJU Journal is a Ghanaian-based pan-African digital platform and creative studio established in 2015 under the visionary leadership of Richmond Orlando Mensah, a Ghanaian-based Cultural Curator and Artistic Director.

The captivating book is now available for pre-order on www.twentyfourthirtysix.com, with its official release scheduled for September. Representing a significant milestone in contemporary art, this publication is set to cast a spotlight on Ghana’s rising artistic stars and their role in a global cultural movement.

(FP) Lets Dance, 2020, Acrylic, fabric and fabric transfer on canvas, 190 x 148 cm (1)

Africa’s growing influence in the contemporary art landscape is undeniable, and Ghana’s emerging cadre of visual artists exemplifies the power of this cultural evolution. With a rising sense of confidence in their own artistic contributions, these creators are steering their work from the periphery to the mainstream, shaping new narratives and forging pathways to success.

The book titled “VOICES, GHANA’S ARTISTS IN THEIR OWN WORDS” is a chronicle of their artistic journeys and achievements, capturing the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines Ghana’s creative landscape.

MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation's flourishing arts scene

In the grand tapestry of Ghana’s artistic narrative, MANJU Journal’s debut publication promises to be a pivotal chapter, a testament to the dynamism, innovation, and boundless creativity of Ghana’s visual artists and their enduring contributions to the global arts landscape.

The pages of this compelling volume come alive with over 80 exclusive interviews, each shedding light on the perspectives of Ghanaian visual artists, curators, and gallerists who are actively shaping the artistic discourse. These voices resonate from both within the nation and its extensive diaspora, revealing the diverse and interconnected tapestry of Ghana’s art scene.

MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation's flourishing arts scene

Distinguished artist Derek Fordjour, an astute observer of our times, offers a profound insight: “We are witnessing a generation of Africans that are the most connected that we have ever been at any point in history, and there is a cultural revolution afoot, not just in contemporary art, literature, and music, but also in entrepreneurship and technology.”

These interviews reflect the momentum of this cultural revolution and the pivotal role that artists play in driving it forward.

MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation's flourishing arts scene
(FP) Kwaku and Osei Tutu Prempeh, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183 cm. Copyright the Artist and Gallery 1957

Within the book’s pages, luminaries like James Barnor, Zohra Opoku, Campbell Addy, Na-Chainkua Reindorf, and many others engage in thoughtful conversations that illuminate their perspectives, influences, and the intricacies of their creative processes. Not only does this publication provide an intimate glimpse into the minds of these artists, but it also underscores the dynamic community they have fostered both in Ghana and beyond its borders.

Complementing the interviews are enriching contributions, including a foreword by esteemed writer and curator Ekow Eshun, an introduction by Richmond Orlando Mensah, the Founding Director of MANJU Journal, and an insightful afterword by Paul Ninson, Director of DIKAN in Accra. The publication also features a reference section that highlights Ghana’s notable artistic and academic institutions, further enriching the reader’s understanding of the nation’s creative fabric.

MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation's flourishing arts scene

Book enthusiasts and art aficionados alike can look forward to a meticulously crafted hardback edition, printed in the UK, with the official release slated for September 2023 under the Twentyfour Thirtysix banner. The book, written in English, will be available for purchase at £40 through www.twentyfourthirtysix.com, as well as select art institutions and independent bookstores.

For additional inquiries, image requests, or interviews, the visionary minds behind this extraordinary publication are readily available. Richmond Orlando Mensah and Kusi Kubi from MANJU Journal, along with Rubee Samuel and Shiraz Randeria of Twentyfour Thirtysix, invite further exploration of their work.

MANJU Journal celebrates Ghanaian visual artists and the nation's flourishing arts scene

To delve deeper into this transformative artistic journey, please reach out via email to [email protected].

About MANJU Journal

Founded in 2015 by Ghanaian-based Cultural Curator and Artistic Director, Richmond Orlando Mensah, MANJU Journal is a Ghana-based pan-African digital platform and creative studio celebrating contemporary Africa and its diaspora at the intersection of fashion, photography, art and culture. Its work is not tied to a particular industry or discipline, instead, it champions creatives including the continent’s brightest designers, artists, photographers and storytellers. What links both its curation and commissioned work is a devotion to African visual culture, narratives and representations of those of African ancestry. Kusi Kubi who works between London and Accra as a Creative Director & stylist joined Manju in 2020 to the role of Fashion Director. The pair forged a bond and have since collaborated with Fashion Brands such as Gucci and Burberry. The goal for MANJU Journal is to ensure that the plethora of rich art forms and creative disciplines coming out of Africa are given the spotlight they deserve. www.manjujournal.com / [email protected]

About TwentyFour ThirtySix

Twentyfour Thirtysix are independent publishers dedicated to showcasing and promoting visual artists from, and with heritage from, the subtropics and tropics. Founded by Photographer / Producer Rubee Samuel and Creative Director Shiraz Randeria, the London-based company provides a platform for artists, amplifying their craft, audience, ideas and stories. www.twentyfourthirtysix.com / [email protected]

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