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Director of National Sports Authority Clarifies Shatta Wale’s ‘Freedom Wave Concert’ Controversy with Stonebwoy’s ‘BHIM Concert’

In a recent turn of events, Professor Peter Twumasi, the Director General of the National Sports Authority, has addressed the controversy surrounding Shatta Wale’s Freedom Wave Concert and Stonebwoy’s Bhim Concert, shedding light on the conditions agreed upon by both parties.

Shatta Wale had voiced concerns in a Facebook Live video, alleging unfair treatment by the Accra Sports Stadium authorities due to the scheduling of Stonebwoy’s event just days before his own on December 25, 2023. He claimed that the stadium authorities had informed his team that a three-day setup period was required, leaving them with insufficient preparation time.

However, Professor Twumasi clarified that they had engaged in several meetings with both Shatta Wale’s and Stonebwoy’s teams, and an agreement had been reached regarding the conditions for hosting their concerts. He emphasized that Shatta Wale’s team had consented to these conditions.

Director of National Sports Authority In a meeting with Reps of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy

Currently, no party has been barred from hosting their respective shows, with December 25th booked for Shatta Wale and December 22nd for Stonebwoy, allowing ample time for preparations.

In response to the situation, Stonebwoy’s road manager, Chief Abiola, expressed their willingness to collaborate with Shatta Wale to alleviate setup challenges, but Shatta Wale declined this offer.

The Freedom Wave Festival, initially scheduled for December 20th-25th, 2023, promises a range of activities, including industry prayers, exhibitions, pre-concerts with emerging artists, dress rehearsals, and the main concert. What was originally known as the Freedom Wave Concert has now evolved into a festival, building on the success of the previous editions organized by Shatta Wale and Medikal.

These two artists, known for their unwavering support for each other, have not only entertained fans with their joint projects, like the ‘Cross Roads’ album, but have also demonstrated their commitment to the music industry’s growth. With the director’s clarification, it’s anticipated that the Freedom Wave Festival will proceed smoothly, providing a memorable experience for fans of both Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy.

Information credit: Kwame Dadzi

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