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Monday, December 11, 2023

2 University Students caught on tape getting intimate in class during night lectures

A Nigerian man recently provided an amusing glimpse into an unexpected scene at a night class at the University of Calabar (UNICAL).

Instead of witnessing the customary diligent studying, he stumbled upon two UNICAL students who appeared to be more engrossed in each other’s company than in their academic pursuits. His account of the encounter left netizens in fits of laughter.

The man observed the two students, who seemed to be deeply engrossed in their own world, treating the night class as a rendezvous.

Instead of textbooks and notes, they indulged in activities that were a far cry from studying. Their interactions resembled those of lovebirds, much to the man’s amusement.

As the man discreetly recorded the duo, he watched as they moved from sharing a meal together to watching videos on a smartphone.

It became increasingly evident that their priorities for the evening did not include any academic material or coursework.

The student’s actions took an even more amusing turn as they eventually succumbed to drowsiness and decided to catch some sleep.

What caught the man’s attention was their ability to seamlessly switch sleeping positions as they dozed off. This comical scenario provided a source of amusement not only for the man but also for those who later viewed the video.

The video, which captured this unique and unconventional night class experience, circulated online and quickly became a source of entertainment for netizens.

It served as a lighthearted reminder that sometimes, even in a setting dedicated to studying, unexpected and humorous moments can arise, showcasing the diverse experiences that students encounter during their academic journeys.

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