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Osibisam Cultural Band Set To Rock Canada

Members of the band


The Osibisam Cultural Band based in Accra has been looking forward for a chance to showcase its vibrant cross-rhythms to international audiences, and sees their invitation to this year’s Afromusee Festival in Montreal, Canada as a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

The festival, slated for December 15 to 22, is organised by Association Femmes D’ici et d’Ailleurs (AFIA).

It is a gathering of artists from different backgrounds to demonstrate the uniqueness of their creativity to the world. Apart from Montreal, Osibisam Cultural Band is also scheduled to play in Toronto before returning to Ghana.

Formed in 2017, it is a group with catchy Africa-inspired music. It offers lively renditions of Ghanaian and African traditional rhythms relayed on different types of percussion and string instruments.

With those items in their hands, they are able to conjure irresistible rhythms that often beckon audiences to dance. The band’s biggest asset has always been its energetic live presentations.

Osibisam has recorded two albums: ‘Oman Ghana’ and ‘Africa Sweet’. They are well-crafted material that reinforces the beauty of African sounds. lovers have talked about how the band reminds them of pioneering Ghanaian acts like the Hedzole Soundz and Osibisa, which came up with blends enjoyed across the world.

The band sees its stage appearance as important for creating positive impressions on audiences. So it is often decked out in appropriate, locally-made costume.

The band delivers its repertoire mainly in Ghanaian languages such as Twi, Ga, Ewe and Dagbani. They also have songs in English, some with bits of French thrown in.

Apart from its own songs, Osibisam has the ability to take relevant material by other African artistes and twist them around to thrill audiences.

Each member of the group plays more than one instrument, so the flexibility is always there to extend the music into all sorts of fascinating terrains.

There are plans to record another album of the band’s own songs on return from Canada.

The band’s contention is that music groups that seek inspiration from their roots often do fine with the appropriate audiences in other places. That’s why they are hopeful of making a good impression when they play in Canada in December.

Osibisam already knows how to ginger up a crowd, and it is hoped the gigs in Canada would open up new doors to them.

By George Clifford Owusu

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