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5 Signs That Shows A Girl Loves You. Even If She Doesn’t Say “I Love You” Often

“I love you”. These three are seemingly simple words may mean the world to someone who is in love. For those who are deeply and madly in love, these words when spoken by the beloved can do wonders. It can brighten up the gloomiest day and bring a smile to your lips even during your worst mood. But imagine being in love with someone for long and yet waiting to hear this from her? Don’t worry you aren’t alone because according to experts, some people aren’t very good at expressing their emotions. However, that does not mean she is not in love with you. So, here are some signs that say she loves although she might not express it as often as expected.

1. She prioritises your needs

Your girlfriend might not be the kind of person who writes romantic messages and whispers ‘I love you’ in your ears. But if she is someone who prioritises your need and makes adjustments in her life to fit into your busy schedule, take it as her expression of love.

​​2. She often talks about a future

If there are hints of glimmer or spark in her eyes everytime you mention the future, then she’s definitely in for it. Your girlfriend may give you hints about what her long-term goals are, or where she would love to live, once she gets married. And, there can be no bigger indication of her love for you than this.

​3. She introduces you to her friends and family

We are most comfortable when we are with friends and family. And we would only introduce a person to them with whom we share good chemistry and only when we are serious about the relationship. If your girl has been making you meet her friends and family frequently, take this as a good sign.

4. Shee shares her deepest fear with you

It’s easy to share our happy memories with friends but we aren’t very confident when we have to share our deepest fear with someone. We can only do that with someone we are in love with and more importantly, trust the person with our life. If you know your girlfriend’s deepest secret and darkest fear, you sure are close to her heart. When she can talk about her fear and insecurities with you, then she doesn’t need to say how much she loves you, right?

5.​She challenges you to do better

Is she someone who drives you crazy with her constructive criticism? Her constant efforts to point out your drawbacks might make you upset and leave you infuriated but at the same time, her inputs push you to become a better person. It’s easy to find a person who can tell you what you want to hear, but a person who takes the risk to point out your weakness does so only because she loves you.

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