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Sista Afia will be the first Ghanaian artiste to get us a Grammy- Manager Kofi Clinton says » ™-

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Sista Afia, in the words of her manager Kofi Clinton, is the best talent she has handled this will soon become evident when she wins a Grammy award sooner than later.

Ace Khandi Records CEO Kofi Clinton thinks Sista Afia has more musical talent than most people in the industry and that she deserves all the recognition for having written a number of popular songs over the years.

In an interview, Kofi Clinton expressed his admiration for Sista Afia’s great understanding of beautiful music, mentioning examples of her incredible singing skills and lyrical vibes.

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“She is a beacon of hope for Ghanaian music in terms of getting our first female Grammy award winner, and I believe she will get there, and I entreat Ghanaians to support her because she has all the talent,” he said in an interview.

Indeed Sista Afia’s musical prowess can’t be questioned although she is yet to receive widespread acclaim as she deserves.

The songstress was in the news recently when she said most of these TikTok influencers dance freely to Nigerian songs while following trends but will end up charging a Ghanaian artiste a huge amount of money to promote their songs.

It’s really sad. Fine, you need to earn from your efforts but I have observed something on that side. They don’t promote our own as much as the Nigerians. It baffles me,” she said.

“Anytime I see a dance thing, it’s normally a Nigerian tune. Fine, maybe the Nigerian tune is the one that is widespread so maybe they [local influencers] use it to gather likes and views [to their channels] but we can start from there,” she added.

Sharing her personal experience in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, Sista Afia said;

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“GHS20,000 for just TikTok and those things and then you go to the person’s page and you’d be like: ‘GHS20,000, I can give it to you but I don’t see any profit coming out of it‘.”

Right now, everyone is charging for their service which is fine but when you’re promoting, promote ours [Ghanaians] more because right now if you go look at the dance challenges, most of them are doing Nigerian music. They don’t do our own and when you engage them, they’ll charge you a huge amount of money,” she bemoaned.

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