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Friday, September 29, 2023

Ga men are very lazy, they depend on women to survive – Ga lady states (Video)

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A Ghanaian Ga girl has expressed her observation about Ga men, who are predominantly found in the coastal areas of the capital, Accra and termed them as lazy.

According to her, she has yet to see these men she described as lazy accomplish real success.

Speaking in a short video, the young lady stated that the most successful men in Ghana are either Ashantis, Kwahus, Akyems, or Ewes, but Ga men have not achieved much to mention in the list.

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Although her observation has sparked an online attack, the lady maintained that most Ga men will spend their salaries on alcohol and later crawl into the purses of their wives or girlfriends to survive.

Ga men are very lazy, they depend on their women to survive - Ga lady states (Video)

In the video, the lady additionally swore that she will never marry a Ga man because they are very lazy – And she’s not ready to cater for any slothful man.

Below are some of the comments gathered under the video…

Joyce Nimoh – Not all of them. My dear my baby daddy is Ga. And God bless him for me because he is the most responsible man I have ever seen. He loves enjoyment but still thinks far. So I think it’s those that miss books. Thanks

Emmanuel Mante – Yes girl you are right the Ga men also like free things and begging too much . I am not surprised they have sold all their lands Accra to kwawu and ashanti Peoples and their generation suffering mow

Tayo Timothy – I second it… They like enjoyment than work

Richmond Ashley – My next door neighbor is fante. Every morning he and the little doughter will come for feeding fee from me. Sometimes I will cook and go and give them. I won’t call it a laziness, coz he is searching for job

Emmanuel Bart Plange – Senseless and unintelligent rants, how many Ga men has she been with or does she know to make this general statement. If that is how the men in her family behave doesn’t make it the habit of all Ga men.

Watch the video below to know more…

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