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Akwapim Poloo’s child abuse case in 2021 will have negative impact on Bawumia – Apostle Mashal.

Founder and leader of the Soldiers of Christ Prayer Group of All Churches located at Kumasi Aboahyia in the Ashanti Region, Most High Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Mashal has prophecised that the country stands the risk to undergo through seven years intensive hardships if the Vice president Dr Bawumia is given the mandate to become the next president after Akuffo’s exit.

Bawumia is a potential winner in the Npp’s upcoming presidential delegates congress who is anxious to lead the party and break the ‘8’ to become the next president after Nana Akuffo Addo’s exit but there are question marks on his presence should in case the power is transferred to him in 2024.

Speaking to the Content Writer King Amoah in an interview, the clergy alleged that when the digitization man, Bawumia comes into power, God will double the present hardships the country is undergoing through seven times for seven years under Bawumia’s regime. 

Asked to justify the said prophecy, Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Mashal linked the prophecy to Dr Bawumia and Akuffo Addo’s alleged involvement in the Akwapim Poloo’s March/April 2021 case where the lady allegedly showed her nakedness to her underaged child which landed her into jail.

Akwapim Poloo’s child abuse case would definitely have negative impact on Dr Bawumia’s political ambition, the man of God told the Correspondent.

According to the clergy, Akwapim Poloo was expected to serve three months imprisonment, but Bawumia and Akuffo Addo used the power that God gave them to serve the country to free Akwapim Poloo.

Akwapim Poloo served only one month jail in prison and had herself freed under the alleged interventions from the president and his Vice president Bawumia a subject matter which has incurred God’s wrath upon the two first gentlemen of the land, King Mashal hinted.

The Most High King Mashal related that what Akwapim Poloo did was against the will of God and procreation, and that Bawumia and Akuffo Addo as leaders of the country should have allowed the laws to take its own course, instead of using their alleged influences to set the woman free.

King Mashal alleged that it was the very day when Akwapim Poloo was set free was the day that God cursed the administration of Akuffo Addo and Bawumia to face a bleak future.

In the said prophecy, the clergy said Dr Bawumia would win the race in the 2024 elections with other political parties but the challenges that would greet his regime would be hardships that would compel Ghanaians to denounce him.

On Akuffo Addo’s side, King Mashal said God can revert the curse and smoothened the ways of his few days of his exit to enable him perform if he could see him (Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Mashal) a true servant of God for counsel.

The Executive members of the New Patriotic Party have their constitutional mandate to campaign for Dr Bawumia to become their flagbearer for the sake of politics and go ahead to break the ‘8’.

 But at the end of the day all of us would experience the alleged consequences of Bawumia’s administration for seven years, mark my prophecy, the Most High Dr, Dirl Airl King Mashal concluded.

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