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Abeiku Santana Reveals How His Wife Bought His Forms And Paid His Fees For Him To Finish His Masters Degree » ™-

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Ghanaian radio and TV personality Gilbert Aggrey, popularly known as “Abeiku Santana,” has just earned another Master’s degree from the University of Ghana Business School in Marketing Strategy.

Abeiku Santana is well-known for having knowledge in areas of media, public relations, and marketing, including relationship marketing, brand strategy, social marketing, strategic management, and marketing research.

He used the opportunity as a fresh graduate to appreciate his wife Genevieve Benyiwah Aggrey for paying all his bills including his admission forms for him to go to school.

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Reminiscing about his time in school, he said that she would set the alarm and wake him up to study. Even though he boasted of having more Master’s degrees than her, he noted that he would not have been able to achieve it without her.


During his studies at the UGBS, Abeiku Santana continued the trajectory of developing a keen interest in the hospitality industry and its dynamic nature. He conducted a research study on service quality and hotel performance post-COVID-19, which has garnered significant attention.

His research aimed to explore how service quality affects the performance of hotels in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pertinent issue in the hospitality industry.

In addition to his Master’s degree in Marketing Strategy from the University of Ghana Business School, Abeiku Santana also holds a Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of Cape Coast and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration from GIMPA.

Santana’s education in both marketing and hospitality management has given him a unique perspective on the hospitality industry, allowing him to approach challenges with a holistic viewpoint.

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Recently, the University of Cape Coast honored Santana for his role in promoting the institution on various platforms. This recognition is a testament to his dedication to his profession and his commitment to advancing the hospitality industry.

Santana’s Master’s degree in hospitality management has given him a deep understanding of the hospitality industry’s intricacies, including operations management, service quality, and customer experience.

His education, coupled with his extensive experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, has positioned him as a thought leader in the industry. This milestone, coupled with his extensive experience, has equipped him with a unique skill set, making him a valuable asset to the hospitality and marketing industry.

The ace media practitioner, speaking on the sidelines of the graduation, was elated about his latest milestone and expressed gratitude to all who aided in the successful completion of the program

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