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“Christian Atsu should have married locally because none of his kids took after him” – Bongo Ideas writes

Late Ghanaian soccer star and philanthropist, Christian Atsu was laid to eternal rest today 17th March 2023.

The wife and kids of Christian Atsu arrived in Ghana yesternight to mourn with Ghanaians are large ad also bid their superhero a final goodbye.

Videos from the heroic funeral ceremony that has surfaced online have left a lot of social media users in very sad-unconsolable states.

In one of the extremely emotional videos that have taken over social media trends, Marie-Clarie Rupio who couldn’t hold back the tears expressed severe sorrow for the loss of her husband.

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In a tribute, the widow said her life has not been the same since she lost her beloved husband in the quake in Turkey in February. at the of age 31.

Amidst the mourning, controversial and highly opinionated Ghanaian blogger and critic, Bongo Ideas has dropped a very controversial statement that has stirred mixed reactions online.

Without mincing words, Bongo Ideas has opined that it was in the best interest of the late player to have married locally because none of his three kids took after him.

He expressed in a fast-trending Facebook post that marrying a white lady is not necessarily bad, but not when none of your kids took after you in terms of complexion or looks.

He controversially wrote;

It’s worthy to note that none of Christian Atsu’s kids look like him. Maybe, he should have married locally.

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Marrying a white lady is not necessarily bad, but not when none of your kids took after you in terms of complexion or look.

How will they be identified?


Below are how some social media users have reacted to Bongo Ideas’ pinned insensitive post;

Zeinab Alhassan  – What you need now is an optician and a psychiatrist. You’re visionless and mentally deprived. Does the first born look like you!!

Gee Ice – Albert Nat Hyde Your father need to go for DNA test because you’re a bastard, biggest fool!!!

Kobby Spartan – Albert Nat Hyde Do u even look like any of yr parents or any family member of yours. Instead of u to learn hard in science u refuse. Im sure yr science teacher died bfr u wr born. Gyimiiii what do u undastand blood type, gens and even the weather conditions at the place your find yr slf to be affects the skin texture of a new born baby. Aboa piiiiii neva think of u being the only Pagan who knows it all. I stand to be corrected buh infact wagyimi paaaa. U dnt think. Im even wondering the kind of species u may fall unda. U wish to be in the late Atsu shoe nanso bodam nii baa mpo wonya. Aboa piiii..

Nana Sakawa Addo – You are a big fool , they just lost their dad and look at the irresponsible and pathetic statements you are making

Dodoo Zongo Adil – Albert didn’t say that the kids are not for Christian Atsu, nor did he say the white lady cheated on Christiana Atsu; that’s not the case. I think that is the grammar that you people didn’t understand. Bongo Ideas was trying to say that “the kids are not looking at him,” which is true. The kids skin are white while Christian Atsu skin is black; marrying a local will be better, so why are you attacking Bongo Ideas?

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