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Check what will happen to your body if you stop drinking water for 3 days

The saying water is life is something every individual must take seriously if we want to live longer.

The broader answer is that water, which is essential for many internal functions and reactions such as blood circulation, body temperature regulation, waste elimination, and detoxification, makes up around 65 percent of every human body.

When our body’s water falls by approximately 2%, we begin to feel thirsty. The hypothalamus is where the brain’s center for thirst is found. In order to prevent our bodies from being dehydrated, our brain is instructing us to drink more water when we feel thirsty.

Two to three liters of water are lost daily through sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Our bodies use water even when we are breathing. It’s crucial to maintain a healthy water balance by consuming enough fluids.

Dark Urine

Your brain instructs your kidneys to add extra water to your blood rather than removing it through urine when your body is dehydrated. Your urine turns a dark yellow color and has a pungent odor when your blood retains water. It is how your body conserves fluids.

Brain Shrinkage

Your energy levels decline and your demeanor fades when you don’t get enough water. When you are well hydrated, your brain actually operates more efficiently than when you are dehydrated. Even if you don’t drink any water for some hours, your brain shrinks momentarily.

Joint pains

Water helps lubricate the spaces between bones to facilitate mobility and promote good sleep. Your joints start to pain and your bones start to rub against one another if you don’t drink enough water.


You will have headaches if you don’t drink enough water because that requires your brain to work more than twice as hard. Your eyes will hurt as well because they are now dry.

You Will Gain Water Weight

You put on water weight if you don’t drink enough of it. Although it may seem contradictory, drinking less water leads your body to retain more water, making you seem and feel bloated. There will be a brief increase in the weight’s readings.

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