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Mother curses daughter for not inviting her to her wedding

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The joy and prayer of every mother is to witness her child’s wedding ceremony when he or she eventually comes of age but this woman’s case is different.

In a fast-trending video, the mother revealed that her daughter did not seek her blessing or inform her before she went ahead with her wedding.

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According to the woman, she was neither invited nor informed of the wedding which took place in Enugu state.

Speaking harshly in a video making rounds online, the woman narrated how she suffered to give birth to Chinyere and also to train her in school.

The woman said Chinyere and her husband would suffer so much in life for not inviting or informing her of the wedding activities.

Photos of Chinyere’s wedding were posted alongside the video.

Priests can be seen joining her in wedlock with her husband in the clip which has gone viral and attracted reactions on Twitter.

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Watch the video below:

Social tweeps have trooped to the comments section to express their thoughts about the whole saga.

@Qriscero said, “What a bitter woman!? Fear not, Chinyere. Proverbs 26:2 – Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest. (New International Version)”

@Merit78914812 said, “You can bear another name tomorrow. Get another wife or husband. But u see those that brought u to this world they world at large can’t forget their name and u will always be that name. It’s best to settles difference and not hold it on. Because ur kids will hear and act along.”

@walshakgentle said, “Laying curses on your daughter shows how toxic you’re. Some parents are actually toxic, zero relationship with their child and the problem with most parents today is that they think they are always right, parents hardly see their fault and apologize”.

@oc_cares1 said, “Nothing go happen, Only God can approved a curse or blessing from any human, so she’s probably just wishing her daughter bad luck and it’s left for God to make the final decision in her life. The woman should rest ?

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