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Joana Sanz, Dani Alves’ Wife, Has Deleted All Photos Of Her With Alves From Her Instagram Account.

Joana Sanz, Dani Alves’ current wife, has deleted all traces of him from her social media accounts.

Joana Sanz, a 29-year-old Spanish model, broke her silence as the Brazil star was being investigated for a nightclub sex assault just days after her mother died.

When the former Barcelona defender turned 39 and became Brazil’s oldest player at the World Cup in Qatar, Joana, who married the player in 2017, was pictured supporting him.

After her husband was placed in protective custody by an investigating judge just days after Joana’s mother passed away while undergoing surgery for womb cancer, Joana opened up about her situation.

She stated, “I have lost the only two pillars in my life.” “My mother died a week ago, and I have only just begun to accept that she is no longer with me, causing me to be tormented by my husband’s situation.” 

After the Spanish media revealed some of the details that are being investigated, such as the victim’s chilling version of events or what happened just afterwards, Joana had no option but to delete all photos of him from Instagram.

A quick glance at Joana Sanz’s profile reveals that her husband is not visible in any of her pictures. Before that, there was a picture of her kissing and hugging Alves on her left; other pictures showed her wearing the Brazilian shirt, in a car, and on vacation.

Only pictures of herself, her pets, and her closest friends are present at this time. The cause of this change has not yet been given an explanation.

A week and a half after the Brazilian player’s arrest, Joana says she doesn’t want any images of the former Barcelona player on her profile, and everything seems to point to a complete breakup as well as some upcoming comments from the model.

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