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American Chamber of Commerce: Establishing an independent tax appeals board will make doing business

The Independent Tax Appeals Board (ITAB) was established by the government of Ghana, which has received praise from the American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana (AmCham), who claimed that this significant accomplishment will foster a climate that is conducive to business.

The Chamber also thinks that the board’s creation will considerably increase the ease of doing business in the nation.

Its Chief Executive Officer, Simon Madjie, stated, “We feel this is a key milestone in establishing a business-friendly climate and will go a long way to greatly improve the country’s ease of doing business.”

The Revenue Administration (Amendment) Act, 2020, Act 1029 created the Independent Tax Appeals Board, which would hear and rule on appeals against “tax decisions” made by the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on challenges to tax judgments and assessments.

This Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy will make sure that tax-related disputes are resolved quickly and affordably. I shall advise members to use the ITAB as their first port of call for handling tax problems.

Within 30 days of the Commissioner-decision, General’s an appeal against it must be submitted to the Appeals Board’s Executive Secretary.

Mr. Madjie urged chamber members to get in touch with reputable tax advice companies like PwC, KPMG, and Morrison & Associates if they needed more information or support.

He reaffirmed AmCham Ghana’s dedication to seeing businesses succeed and stated that we are steadfast in maintaining an atmosphere that is welcoming to investors in order to assure success.

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