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Old men sexually fantasize about young women on Tiktok

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A trending video on social media has left many Ghanaians in awe forcing some to call on the government to ban the Tiktok app in the country.

While people in advanced countries use Tiktok for educational purposes like teaching various life hacks etc – We in Ghana and Africa at large have turned the social media app into a pron site.

Anytime you scroll through Tiktok in the African demographic, 90% of the content you’re going to see is sexually related and its very nauseating.

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In this new video which is a disgrace not to the shameless men alone but their families as well – These grandparents can be seen sexually fantasizing about some young women doing a live session on the social media app.

In the video, the men can be seen instructing the young ladies to bend, turn and twist as if they were having sex.

One of them even seized the opportunity to bust a nut.

Watch the video below to know more…

Below are the reactions of some Ghanaians who have come across the video;

osheymishawler – Hmmmm at this point I just feel like tiktok should start banning people especially Ghanaians and especially the elderly cos what’s this ? the little ones have to be doing this and u the elderly advising them but rather it’s the other way . Pity

princebrown839 – Amanfo? papa n?m nkoaa they will be sending her money and later be crying on the apps say them chop my money

nana.k00 – I think the other guy bust a nut mpo…lol eeii granny and grandpa fuo wo krom..

emmacarr86 – I keep on saying the person who invented phones with camera, internet & social media paa di3, waha abibiifo) bi paa? ky3se…

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