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Abu Sakara argues for ‘debt forgiveness’ for Ghana

Former Presidential Candidate and renowned agronomist Dr Michael Abu Sakara Foster is of the opinion that the surest way for Ghana’s economic recovery is debt forgiveness.

He states that as a “star pupil” and a “poster boy”, Ghana could be a candidate of debt forgiveness in order to justify the mantra of democracy the West have espoused all these years.

“Debt forgiveness of Ghana will have one of the highest beneficial impacts and will be a tonic for a fast economic recovery,” he wrote on Facebook on Thursday, January 5.

“Ultimately such a demonstration of economic recovery will be good for Ghana and Africa.

“Indeed, it will lighten the load for the global economic recovery process by securing the weakest economies from potential irreversible damage.”

Find his post below:

This comes in the wake of economic recession set to hit a third of the world in 2023.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, says this year will be “tougher” than 2022.

Dr Abu Sakara stressed that since Ghana has accepted complicity in the current economic crisis, debt forgiveness should be granted the country.


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