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What are the scariest motivational photos?

Good evening to everyone this is Barnabas sharing this news,

This doesn’t look very scary at first, it just seems like a very sad moment, however, if you think about it from a different perspective, it will be scary to you.

This is an image of the father, Zach Kincaid putting his wife, Kincaid, and their unborn daughter, Onix into a casket.

Something tragic must’ve happened. Maybe some terrible illness struck the two? Perhaps they were murdered by some psychopath? Could’ve been an accident resulting in both deaths.

What happened was, on September 9, 2018, the 29-year-old pregnant mother of an 8-month unborn child was driving her minivan and during the drive a BMW swerved into her lane going at 85+mph, resulting in a head-on collision.

The man that killed the pregnant mother and the unborn child was a champion boxer, Marcos.

He was driving under the influence. This man destroyed a family because he decided to drive after drinking. He was only sentenced to 10 years for killing essentially two people, however, according to California, an eight-month-old unborn baby isn’t considered another human yet.

Because he decided to drive drunk, he ended up killing what I consider, two people. So what does this tragic story have to do with motivation? It is terrible that people died during this event, however, think about the father. Think how he feels about having his wife and child killed. How would you feel to have two people that you cherish to be taken from this world, without you being able to do anything?

Be honest with yourself. If you have driven under the influence, not even just alcohol, but maybe drugs, just know that there is a chance your body will react poorly and things can become very bad in an instant. You have the possibility of destroying a family.

If you plan on drinking at a party or having fun with friends smoking marijuana or taking in something that might hinder your ability to drive, think it through and plan a drive back home. Maybe have a sober friend on standby or prepare to call an Uber home.

Don’t risk your safety and the safety of others. Don’t drive under the influence, please. If not for yourself, do it for others. Please share, like, and follow me for more updates.

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