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Juliet Ibrahim in trouble over comment about Africans

Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim is being crucified on twitter for a comment about Africans.

Since the advent of colonialism, Africa has been depicted as the poorest of continents with its citizens malnourished and undeveloped, and Juliet Ibrahim’s comment seemed to have added colour to that notion.

Commenting on an Instagram live of Canadian artiste, Tony Lanez, Miss Ibrahim expressed surprise she did not see Africans on his page begging like they are ‘fond of doing’.

In another instance, she commented on how the rapper was spilling milk, adding Africans need it for survi.


“If this was African artiste live video; account numbers go full comment section oo.

“Milk that some people need to feed in Africa,” she commented.

The comments did not please some social media lovers who dragged her into the mud.

Read some comments below:


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