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Friday, February 23, 2024

Tattoos And Body Piercings Is The New Trend.

Now a days, I see many teenagers with multiple piecings, tattoos and in outfits that are quite suggestive. 

I ask myself, what is the motivation or I am just too old and out of date, is kind of strange because I cannot relate. 

You see, growing up, we (myself an many people my generation) had similar cravings and temptations for such too. We were not really better behaved kids not were we in any good standing in terms of morality. 

However, when such things came to mind, our parents, teachers and certain associations were enough to kill the very thought of it. If not for my mother, if not for my father, if not for… 

My issue is: has parenting failed to the point where children care less how their parents would react to some of the things they do to their bodies or some of us are behind left behind by our country’s lifestyle and morals evolution.

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