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I regret getting into it at an early age

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19-year-old, Mercy Amoah has given an account of how she became a drug addict at an early age, the regret she felt after her pregnancy, and a plea for help to quit drugs.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Mercy revealed that her friends influenced her into a life of drugs.

She mentioned that she dropped out of school while in Junior Highb School.

She noted that her father wanted her to attend a catering school, but that dream was shattered.

“I couldn’t tell him I was pregnant till after he bought the admission forms. He was disappointed but still asked me whether I would like to go back to school after giving birth. I couldn’t respond. All I did was cry,” Mercy explained tearfully.

According to Mercy, she followed her friends to do drugs while they worked as prostitutes. Speaking on the drugs she took, Mercy mentioned “Estacion, Rohypnol, lean, hashish, amnesia. My friends taught me all these while in school. We often went out after school.”

Mercy said no advantages came with the drug life she chose. Instead, it took a lot from her, physically and socially.

The single mother is jobless and depends on her boyfriend to survive, while the two-year-old baby lives with her grandparent.

Nicknamed Araba Tupac, Mercy told host DJ Nyaami that she wishes to quit the lifestyle, but she has nowhere else apart from home, Ashaiman.

“If only I could find someplace to stay for a few months because our family house is located inside the ghetto. If I could live in a place where these drugs are inaccessible. I know I would change so my father would see a new Mercy,” she added.

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