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Friday, October 7, 2022

Woman hospitalized after napkin laced with poison was placed in her door handle

A woman in Texas is shaken up after she was rushed to the emergency room for an apparent poisoning incident.

Erin ‘Dawn’ Sims, 37, was celebrating her birthday with her husband earlier this week. After enjoying some food and an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant in northern Houston, Texas, Dawn and her husband made their way to their car for their next destination.

But once there, Dawn, in a video, said she came across a napkin stuffed into her car door handle.

Not thinking much of it, she removed it with her acrylic fingernails and opened the door handle with her bare fingers.

Minutes later, after confirming her husband was not responsible for the napkin, Dawn indicated that her fingers and then arm began to tingle.

After experiencing a few other symptoms, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors revealed her vitals were not stable and she had acute poisoning.

It’s still unclear what substance was used to poison her but doctors believe it was an attempted kidnapping.

Dawn is now looking to obtain footage of the parking lot and file a police report.

Watch video below:

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